Biography - English

Gianni Russo was born in Italy.

He started taking photographs when he was a child using his father´s Kodak Instamatic.

He went to a photography course when he was fifteen.

At the beginning he photographed old architecture in southern Italy, from “Magna Grecia“ to the Renaissance and Baroque, which is why architecture was the topic of his first exhibition in 1983.

Between 1983 and 1988 he studied architecture and geology at university and taking photographs of the countryside.

There followed a period of photo reports from travels in Italy, Greece, Spain, Germany, Czechoslovakia, Indonesia, etc.

He has specialised in portrait photography since 1989, which led him to work with modelling agencies, fashion photography and glamour.

After travelling to Czechoslovakia several times and also thanks to co-operation with an Italian company, he definitively settled in Prague in 1992.

He has worked with many international fashion magazines since 1994.

He opened his “GFR Studio Photography“ in Prague in 1996. It specialises in advertising photographs, fashion and beauty and looks for new faces for foreign modelling agencies.

He works with advertising agencies on campaigns where the main object is a woman.

His artistic photographs are published in various specialist photography magazines and books and have been exhibited in many galleries.

He has been involved in digital photography and computer graphics since 1999.

His artistic project MODÍ (2009), dedicated to italian painter Amedeo Modigliani, was a critical and popular success.

As far as concerns equipment, he uses mostly digital cameras (Nikon).

He takes black-and-white and colour pictures and uses various traditional and digital techniques.